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Piggy in Numberland

Santa Cruz, CA — Learning in Motion is pleased to announce the release of an intriguing new mathematics environment for early learners! Piggy in Numberland is a CD-ROM that will have parents and teachers tugging at their kids’ sleeves to get them off the computer. This program is the first of its kind—not because it’s colorful and has cute, talking characters... and not because it is designed especially for young students. This educational program is entirely unique because its three dimensional models, animated characters, and game environment rival the best video games for pure entertainment value—and yet, the activities are born of solid research into early mathematics learning. High-quality fun and high-quality educational concepts equal a high rate of learning!

Imagine a world of flying pigs, talking panda bears, and hopping kangaroos. Add a cast of crazy critters and visual surprises that pop up at a moment’s notice and you’ve got Piggy in Numberland. In Numberland, kids take on the persona of Piggy. As Piggy, they play and explore—at one moment learning the number line to 25 and climbing trees with Panda; at another moment matching geometric shapes to make toys in the Imagination Machine Room. Whether they are visiting the Treasure Chest or Bee’s Toy Store, students are sure to improve number sense and counting skills, practice addition and subtraction, apply numerical reasoning, and work with geometric shapes.

Piggy in Numberland is highly intuitive and easy to play. First of all, there are no directions to read. Second, on-screen friends like Bee, Panda, and Mother Kangaroo are always ready to explain the 11 games and give playing hints:

game 1
game 2
game 3
game 4

Dot-to-Dot Game (number sequences; reading 1 and 2 digit numerals to 20), Treasure Chest Card Game (pattern recognition; associating numerals with concrete and semi concrete objects), Bee’s Toy Store Game (count objects by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s; place value; base 10 concept), Panda’s Castle Game (meaning of + and -; adding two sets of semi concrete objects), Falling Blocks: Addition Game (addition facts with sums not to exceed 5), Falling Blocks: Subtraction Game (number facts to 10; mental computation), Flower Game (sums to 6; meaning of + and -), Panda’s Tree Climbing Game (number line to 25; relative magnitude, position of numbers), Kangaroo’s Bridge Game (sums to 10; quantitative reasoning; strategy), Falling Blocks: Addition and Subtraction Game (addition and subtraction facts to 10), and the Imagination Machine Room Game (naming and matching geometric shapes; relative sizes).

All work by the students is recorded. Students simply go to the portrait of Piggy in the entry and click on it. Inside they will see all the areas of Piggy’s brain that have been filled with brain power—their challenge is to fill each area completely by playing all the games a number of times. Each time an area is filled, students are invited to go the the Imagination Machine Room and make a toy. Motivation is keen in Piggy in Numberland and the fun, supreme! While the Piggy in Numberland CD-ROM is geared for early learners in pre-k through 1st grade, teachers and parents who have field-tested the product find that students in grades 2, 3 and beyond can use it as a fun refresher for addition and subtraction skills!

Piggy in Numberland was developed by a core team of cognitive psychologists, software engineers, graphic artists, and musicians. The program was produced, tested, and modified as a part of a research effort headed by Drs. J. Arthur Woodward and Shaw-Jing Chao, Department of Psychology, UCLA.

The school version of Piggy in Numberland is shipped on two CD-ROMs with a Teacher’s Guide. The Teacher’s Guide offers short cuts for teacher use as well as additional classroom supports such as pre- and post-computer activities and blackline masters. Piggy in Numberland is priced at $49. Additional CD-ROMS are available for $15. Learning in Motion offers a free 30-day preview of Piggy in Numberland to US and Canadian educational institutions. Contact Customer Service at (800) 560-5670. Piggy in Numberland was designed by ThoughtMakers and published by Learning in Motion, Inc.



  • 1999 EDDIE Award for Best Educational Software from ComputED Gazette
  • 1999 Media & Methods Award for most highly rated educational products
  • 1998 Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award
  • 1999 Selector’s Choice, The Elementary School Library Collection
  • 1998-99 “Best Pick” by Choosing Children’s Software Newsletter



This award-winning title is truly special! Set in a magical land where pigs can fly (an animation that always produces giggles), pandas talk, and bees are teachers, its method of teaching is fanciful and powerfully engaging. Piggy in Numberland’s sophisticated teaching engine becomes apparent when a child is struggling, because it creates a way to help tutor the child. This software is great to use at home, and it works wonderfully in teaching situations too!
***** (5 stars out of 5)

—Jinny Gudmundsen for Computing with Kids (http://www.ComputingWithKids.com)

Piggy in Numberland has been a gigantic hit with ComputED’s kids. Not only are the colorful, animated characters of Piggy and playmates friendly and engaging, but the design and feel of the program make it extremely compelling for young children. The creator’s idea of a diagram of Piggy’s brain being filled in when a child completes each area’s activities is highly motivating, indeed - ComputED’s kids are constantly checking their “brain power,” and live for the moment when they can go to the Imagination Machine to make a toy after having filled in a brain section (an ingenious reinforcement tool).

—1999 review in ComputED Gazette (http://www.computed.simplenet.com)

This refreshing new software was designed by ThoughtMakers, a team of psychologists, teachers, artists and software engineers. The team, headed by psychologists from UCLA, set out to create software that could provide a playful, highly responsive mathematics playground. They succeeded nicely in meeting this goal. In the program, children use the mouse to steer a cute little flying pig around Numberland, a magical 3D environment packed with puzzles, hidden toys and clever math games. The games are thoughtfully designed to provide practice with counting, addition and subtraction. Kids will get the chance to play one of the all-time best dot-to-dot counting activities we’ve ever seen.

—Ann Orr for Children’s Software Revue (http://www.childrenssoftware.com)

Overall: Highly Recommended
The Bottom Line: Piggy in Numberland is a quietly entertaining game that teaches preschoolers math concepts better than most programs on the market. Children will enjoy making Piggy run, walk, and fly around this charming 3D world, and pick up early math skills automatically as they play the excellent activities.

—Online review for The Review Corner (http://www.reviewcorner.com)

Age-appropriate sounds, icons, and voices, as well as colorful and pleasing graphics, create an inviting atmosphere for young learners. Children can gain and practice simple math skills in a meaningful context with Piggy in Numberland. It would work wonderfully in independent math centers as a reinforcement of achieved math competencies.

—An Eisenhower National Clearinghouse review. (http://www.enc.org)


User Comments

This is by far the best educational program I have gotten for my son (age 4). It is based on math—but there are a ton of different activities to play and the graphics are outstanding! My son and myself were delighted all around with this “game.” You are Piggy and go through Numberland playing a variety of games and activities to earn “Brain Power”—when you gather enough brain power you get to create toys. The games vary in skill level, some my son can do by himself—others he needs help. Just an excellent program.

...I would have easily paid over $50.00 for it if I had to once I saw it.

—Robyn Wright for Family Education Network (http://www.familyeducation.com)

The characters in Piggy are gentle and encouraging, and provide lots of verbal cues to help out when kids are stumbling. Exploring and discovering in this game is natural and fun. The care taken in developing Piggy in Numberland is immediately evident in all areas—encouragement and motivation, educational content, visual stimulation and appeal, etc. This thoughtfulness and the quality of the learning games impresses me. I would recommend this game to any parent with children aged 4 to 7.

—Stephanie Heese for Kids Domain (http://www.kidsdomain.com)