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Brooks River Brown Bears: Inheritance and Variation of Traits


hosts the live-streaming bear cams. The web page provides the link to a “Fan Made Bear Guide” (see the PARTNER section), and also hosts live web chats with Katmai National Park rangers (see the CALENDAR section).

Katmai National Park & Preserve
provides online reference materials. One particularly useful resource is the ebook Bears of Brooks River, which is updated annually. (Enter the search terms “NPS Katmai ebook” with the current year.)


Brown Bear Summer
by Thomas Bledsoe; Plume, 1990.
More than any other, this book provides the most detailed and accurate explanations of brown bear fishing behavior at a waterfall. It is out of print, but inexpensive copies can often be found online.

Into Brown Bear Country
by Will Troyer; University of Alaska Press, 2005.
Will Troyer's introduction to the natural history of Alaska’s brown bears—told with the objectivity of a biologist, the resonant voice of an outdoorsman who has spent decades in bear society, and breathtaking photography—is both enchanting and informative. Troyer offers a holistic description of bear biology and behavior, an account of bear-human interactions, and practical advice for viewing and photographing bears.

Alaska’s Bears: Grizzlies, Black Bears, and Polar Bears (Alaska Pocket Guide)
by Bill Sherwonit (Author), Tom Walker (Photographer); Alaska Northwest Books, 2016.
Alaska is truly bear country. It is the only one of America’s 50 states to be inhabited by all three of North America’s ursine species: black bear, polar bear, and brown bear. Learn about their appearances, behaviors, yearly cycles, ecological niches, and relationships with humans.